Wellness of Body and Spirit

Wellness of Body and Spirit and Fitness Level

Throughout history, different teachers have taught about the wellness of body and spirit. In the time of ancient Greece two societies have fought over which one was important. The one who believed that the body was more important was the Spartans who lived in Sparta and the ones who believed that the mind was more important were the Athenians who lived in Athens. You may be wondering why I equated the mind and the soul together and the answer is that because Athenians looked at the spirit as the one which controlled every thought that comes through our minds. Every thought we think about came from the spirit, even our memories. Because of this difference of views they have developed into societies which specialized in different things. Sparta developed into a warrior society and Athens became the center of learning and knowledge during their time.

Health and Wellness - Eastern and Western medicine. During the time of the discovery of the existence of the difference of the Eastern and Western medicine this was also the case. The eastern medicine focused on the person’s well being through the mind and spirit. A specific culture of the east that concentrated on spirituality are the Chinese who believed that many of their sicknesses come from the disruption on the flow of energy of the body which they called “ki” and the treatment of such sicknesses were natural herbs and different other methods now described in contemporary times as “alternative medicine. Western medicine on the other hand concentrated on the material element of human health. They used science to explain and diagnose sicknesses through the different discoveries of how things worked. The body being an object that followed the laws of reason therefore reason is used to know exactly what is wrong with a person. The treatments have changed over the centuries, and during these contemporary times, the usual treatment is medicine which target specific sicknesses.

wellness of body and spirit

Western medicine. For the most part of our history, western medicine has dominated the medical scene. The eastern medicine were labeled to be “unreasonable”, “not logical” and in some instances called by some as “crazy” and “useless”. This was believed by many throughout the earth until a new trend in the physical fitness has begun. The number of people who believe that western medicine is no longer the sole answer to the problems of health are increasing dramatically. They are beginning to believe, and with good reason to, that there must be something deeper and indeed more important than just our material world.

Merge of eastern and western medicine. In this day and age a new proposal has come up. This proposal is starting to take the world by storm because of the effects it has on people. A rising number of people testify and agree to its validity and effectiveness that it is no longer seen as fiction. This proposal is the marriage between eastern and western medicine. The marriage of the matter and the spirit or the view that fitness is no longer the exclusive interaction of the body with its material environment but the interaction of the mind, body, spirit and our environment.

There is now a belief that we as human beings are composed of different things and these different things are also affected differently and manifests in our bodies. The mind affects the spirit and the spirit affects the body. The health of the body then affects the workings of the mind and we come into complete circle. Human wellness is no longer seen as simple interaction of one part of our being but the combination of all the things that has been said to make us human. In this view, an important connection is made. Wellness is not just taking care of the body but also taking care of the mind that is said to be the manifestation of our spirit.

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