Fighting Your Genetics with Health Monitoring

Health Snapshot and genetics

Many people simply think they are doomed to be sick. They know that people in their family have been sick too, so they think that they will become ill at some point of their lives. But this sort of thinking isn’t necessarily valid. While you might be at a greater risk of illness because of your genetics, this does not mean that you can’t do anything about it. With proper health monitoring and assessment, you can begin to turn your health around and put it on a more positive track. You can be healthy and give yourself the best chance of a long life.

Your Genes Don’t Mean Everything For Your Health

Do genes cause poor health? What’s difficult about the concept of genetics is that it’s not as cut and dry as it seems to be. While genes certainly influence what can happen with your body, genes are not the only factors in poor health. For example, you might have an uncle who had diabetes, but this doesn’t mean that you will too. This uncle may also have had poor lifestyle habits, which caused him to exacerbate his condition or to cause the diabetes in the first place. While this isn’t always the case, one needs to be careful when thinking that ‘all’ diseases are caused by genetics. Some people with histories of disease end up without any illness, while those in families with no history of disease can end up getting ill. The human body is trickier than it might seem, and that’s why health monitoring makes sense.

Good Habits Add Up to Health

You can rewrite your genetics, in many cases, with the way you treat your body. You will want to begin by doing a health assessment to see what kind of state of health you have right now. And while you might not like the results you find, there is certainly time to make changes. If you find that your health levels aren’t high, it might be time to look into changing your diet to something more balanced and healthy. You may also want to add some additional exercise to your life, allowing you to feel energetic and to help your body’s strength and flexibility. Making sure that you’re controlling your stress levels and getting enough sleep will also help you to secure many years of good health – even in the face of poor genetics. Your body is always able to be improved, even if it seems that you are starting off at a lower point. Realize that the human body is designed to repair itself, but it can only do its job when you provide it with the best foods and exercise and lifestyle.

Choose to Change Your Life Now

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The habits you have now may be influenced by your family, but they may not be in your genes. You can make the choice right now to change the way your body feels and the way your health history will be written. By using a health monitoring system, you can begin to make changes – and see those changes on the assessments which follow. As you begin to become stronger and more vibrant, you will notice the health charts rising. This is going to help you feel even more confident in the new habits you’re establishing. And since your habits will affect everyone in your household, you might be rewriting the health history of everyone in your home.

Health Assessments and Monitoring Make Sense

You can use Health Snapshot to begin to change the genetics you have, helping you be healthier and happier as a result. By loading the program into your computer, plugging the ear clip into your USB drive and then attaching the clip onto your ear lobe, you will get a health assessment which will allow you to see whether you are on the right track to good health – or not. These health assessments are saved in the program, helping you compare your results as you begin to make changes. This Health Snapshot program can also help you to see whether your body is already ill. If you have been doing positive things for your health, but your health levels aren’t improving, you might want to make an appointment with your doctor for more tests.

Home Health Assessments

Health Snapshot

But as many of us are still a little out of touch with the way our bodies feel, it can be helpful to use something like Health Reviser’s Health Snapshot on a daily basis. This health program will allow you to see just how healthy you are now and then you can track this progress from day to day. In just a few minutes, the program will measure the health in your body, allowing you to see whether you need to make more changes to your diet and exercise plan or if you are on the road to good health. Convenient to use and helpful for long term health assessment and monitoring, Health Snapshot allows you to see whether you need to make changes to your life – and then you can see how these changes improve your health.

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Health Snapshot

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