Lower Biological Age - Remove Everyday Toxins

Lower Biological Age and Food

How to lower your biological age? Your body is exposed to many things during the day. Whether you are out in the world or you are sitting at home at your computer, your body has to deal with a variety of natural and unnatural particles. When you aren’t taking these particles into consideration, you might be increasing your biological age. By taking the time to remove as many toxins as possible from your daily life, you can improve your health and decrease your biological age from this point forward.


Biological Age Decrease: Purify Your Water

Wash off your biological age with water. While current water cleaning regulations keep chemicals to low levels in the water supply, this does not mean your water is entirely clean. In fact, many cities and states use chlorine to clean the water, which has been linked to causing cancers and other illnesses. In order to reduce your biological age, you need to reduce your exposure to such chemicals. You can do so by using a water filtration system at your home. The basic pitchers with filters work well if you have a tight budget, but a reverse osmosis system is the best way to ensure your water only contains water.

Go Organic to Increase Longevity

Lower Biological Age and Man

Biological age is significantly affected by the quality of the food you eat. Taking out as many chemicals from your diet as possible is another key to lowering your biological age. You will want to make sure that you are eating as many organic fruits, vegetables and other foods as possible. Thankfully, it’s much easier to spot and to find these foods in your everyday life since organic standards are so strict. Try to incorporate organic products into at least 80% of your diet, especially adding organic dairy products and produce. The reduced chemicals mean that your body can work as it was intended to work without the interference of chemicals you should never eat – i.e. pesticides.

Choose Natural Cleaning Solutions

Biological age descrease with natural solutions. Though you might not eat the cleaning solutions in your home, the vapors from these solutions are expelled into the air where they are easy to breathe in. Make sure that you are choosing natural cleaning solutions which only contain ingredients from nature that would positively decrease your biological age. This way, when you do inhale them, you’re not exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals. And even if you’re good about opening the windows after using harsh chemicals, the chemicals can still be released into the air, long after you are done cleaning.

While it might be impossible to remove all of the toxins from your life, the more you can remove, the lower your biological age will be. Choosing to be as healthy as possible is the goal – and one which you can begin today. You don’t need to be completely free of impurities, but you do need to realize they exist so you can avoid them.

Testing Your Biological (Body's) Real Age

Biological Age Test

The Biological Age Test can help you find out in moments what your biological age is and how your age is changing. For some, this might mean they are aging too rapidly. For others, good habits may show that their biological age is moving downward, making them healthier and more youthful. It’s never too late to make changes in your life either. No matter what the results, being able to track one’s biological age will help you find out whether you are heading in the right direction for health or if you need to turn around and ask for more directions.

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Biological Age Test

Biological Age Test. Personal tool to evaluate and monitor biological age. Designed for health cautious individuals, wellness centers, health clubs.

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