Family Health Advice to Stop Germs from Spreading

Family Health And Germs

What is family health? When one person in your family gets sick, it seems that everyone gets sick – but does this have to be the case? When you learn some basic family health advice, you can begin to change the outcome of illness in your family, possibly limiting the sickness to only one person. In your busy life, you don’t have time to be ill, and here are some ways to ensure that you are able to stay sniffle and germ free.

Wash Your Hands

Family health begins with hand washing. It can’t be stressed enough that washing your hands well is the best way to avoid becoming ill. Your hands touch many things during the course of a day and then it’s easy to touch your face, your eye, or your mouth with these germ covered fingers. When you take the time to wash your hands before eating and before touching your face, you will be able to reduce the spread of germs into your body. You will want to begin by wetting your hands with warm water, then using a small amount of soap, then rubbing your hands together, rubbing soap on all areas of the hand and under the nails before rinsing with warm water. Then, pat the hands dry with a paper towel. This should be done as often as possible during the day. Antibacterial gel can be used when water and soap aren’t available.

Don’t Share Anything

Family Health And Germs Kids

Sharing things helps germs fight your health. While it might be a rule in your family that you share everything, when you are sick, this is not the rule to follow. You want to have certain cups and utensils that the sick person uses so that the spread of germs does not move to another person. You will also want to replace toothbrushes after the person is not sick anymore in order to keep the illness from coming back again. It can be difficult to prevent sharing when you have a larger family, but labeling certain cups and plates can be a helpful way to keep the germs from moving around.

Keep Kids Apart

Are children healthier together or apart? If you’re very worried about sickness spreading in the family, you will want to make sure you’re keeping your children apart. This way, you can make sure they’re not giving each other germs. For a few days, it can help to move a child into a room by themselves so that they can rest and that others can rest as well. When a sick child shares a room with their sibling, they will not only pass the germs on, but they can keep the other from sleeping and boosting their own immune system function.

While your family will certainly share sicknesses, these family health tips should help to make the rounds of illness a bit shorter for everyone.

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