Exercises for fitness level N2

Exercises for fitness level N2

Physical fitness is when you perform your daily chores with vigor and alertness with enough energy left over for leisure and emergency. You know that you are physically fit when you can endure and withstand stress and help unfit people finish their tasks. Physical fitness is what we are losing at this modern age due to the perks of technological advancement. We are neglecting exercise as part of our routine because we feel that we don’t have the time to do so or are simply lazy to exercise. Some of us may perform a little exercise but are not really into it and we categorize this people as belonging to Exercise Fitness Level N2.

There are indicators of a person who belongs to level 2 according to Paige Waehner. First, this person can only endure cardio-vascular exercises for 5 minutes. Second, this person did have experience with strength training, like weight-lifting, before. Third, this person’s level of flexibility is given by his or her stretching sometimes but he or she does not follow a regular routine. Fourth, this person currently exercises once or twice a week and keeps a few dumbbells at home. People who belong to Exercise Fitness Level N2 might say that they do not have any medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that they are aware of but they haven’t paid their doctors a visit for years.

If you notice this type of person is doing some exercise but does not stick to the plan or does not keep a plan to follow. They may have researched for exercise routines that they want to do and started doing them and then stopped then they would do it again when they feel that they are gaining weight again. They may have even consulted with fitness specialists in order to have a program but fell from the program after some months or so. They, however, still perform minor exercises. People belonging to Exercise Fitness Level N2 struggle because they know what to do yet they can’t stick to the plan.

Exercises and fitness level N2

One of the best exercises that level N2 people can do is ab workout. But first you should always check with your doctor before attempting any exercise. Do not forget to warm up for 5-10 minutes doing some light cardio workout. One set of the exercise is good enough and this would include 10-16 repetitions. Do the exercise slowly and focus on a good form for each repetition. Exercise Fitness Level N2 should work on basic moves that target the abs and the back. If you feel any pain like a strain on the lower back, find a more comfortable position. You can change how fast you move or you can roll a towel and place it under your hips so that your lower back can have support.

Doing crunches is the most common form of ab workout. To properly execute this workout you will have to lie on your back and cross your hands over your chest or put your fingers on the side of your head. Then bend your legs with your feet on the floor. Begin the exercise by lifting your torso where your shoulder blades should be lifted off the floor and your rib cage should be crunched toward your belly. Hold the position for two counts then slowly lower your back to starting position and then repeat the process.

Exercise Fitness Level N2 workout can be done at twice or thrice a week and once you are used to it, you will not only see results but you will so the routine because your body would “crave” for it, so to speak.

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