Environment Changes to Manage Your Stress

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While you might not realize it, the world around you is affective the stress you feel. From the way that your chair is positioned to the sounds in your room, you can control your stress by learning how to control your environment. While it may seem like some stresses are beyond your control, in truth, you do have the power to make your less calmer and more productive. Here’s what you need to do to your environment for stress management.

Get Rid of Excess Noise

An old trick to reduce stress. A trick that some writers use when they’re trying to meet a deadline is to wear headphones when they are writing – without any music playing. This helps to cut out the distracting noises of the room, while also helping a person to feel as though they are secluded from others, even if someone else is there. Wearing earplugs during an important task can also be helpful. And both of these sound altering methods will still allow you to hear your phone or to hear any emergency bells you might need to hear. The key is just to remove as much noise as you can since this can reduce your your distraction, blood pressure, and your stress level.

Get a Comfortable Chair

Change Environment Manage Your Stress

Maximum comfort causes relaxation. When you’re constantly rearranging yourself in your chair, it’s a sign that you need to get a new chair. If you’re not comfortable, your body will become tense which can cause you to feel even more stressed. And since most people become tense when they are stressed, this can create a cycle in which you are always feeling as though you are tense and tight. Find a chair in which you can sit for hours, allowing you to relax into a natural position. Your feet should be flat on the floor while your back should be against the back of your chair for maximum comfort.

Surround Yourself with Calm

It can also help for you to surround yourself with calming images and colors for stress management. Hang up pictures of a favorite vacation area or use pastel colors in your space. These tips will allow you to feel calm and serene, instead of stressed. Brighter colors, while nice, can cause you to feel rushed and frantic, even when you’re not. Try adding just a few calm additions to see how the new environment affects your mood and your stress. For example, if you like candles, add these to your space or add some other decorations from home to your office to help you feel at home.

Stress management isn’t just about controlling your breathing or getting into a yoga class. By recognizing that your world affects your mood, you can begin to surround yourself with calm and then allow the calm to seep into your life as well.

Using a Stress Relieve Program

Stress Sweeper

If you haven’t been feeling well lately or you know that you’ve been more stressed out than you think, you might want to look into the Stress Sweeper program. By simply attaching a device to your ear and hooking it up to your computer, you can begin to train your body to feel better. The program will show your body responses over time and teaches you to make the necessary changes. By watching and being aware of your stress, you can begin to take steps to slow down and to relax. Sometimes just realizing you are more stressed than is healthy – as the Stress Monitor will show you – is enough to help you learn to breathe in the midst of crazy circumstances.


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