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First time I saw Stress Monitor from Health Reviser on a health show. When I tried Stress Monitor on myself it showed my stress level as severe and even Stress Sweeper did not help... I wouldn't believe that and quit the show. But I wish I listen what Stress Monitor was telling me. 2 days after I got a heart attack... survived. Now I'm using Stress Monitor regularly. Do not allow your stress get higher than "Elevated", ever!!!
Ben D, salesman, New Zealand
Stress Monitor

Provides all means for continous stress monitoring and alerts on instant stress changes and an ability to treat the stress before it can harm the organism and thereby reduces the negative impact on your body.

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Stress Sweeper

Easy-to-use personal stress management tool for home and office use. Highest ratings from professionals around the world. Designed for people with high blood pressure, sleep disorders, health cautious individuals.

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